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Faith & Science Leader Guide

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Faith vs Science: Do religion & science have to be mutually exclusive?

Faith & Science in the 21st Century explores religion and science in their respective domains, where those domains intersect, and how each can be understood and respected. This series seeks to bridge the gap between the relevance of religion and validity of science through conversations recognizing faith and science can, in fact, be mutually enriching and complimentary.

This Leader Guide enables facilitators to foster fruitful discussions of each session topic, with detailed session plans, including:

  • How to Use This Resource
  • Session 1: How Can Faith and Science Inform Each Other?
  • Session 2: God and Cosmos
  • Session 3: Creation and Evolution
  • Session 4: Quantum Physics and Eternity
  • Session 5: Science and the Image of God
  • Session 6: The Bible and Genetics
  • Session 7: Life and Death
  • Session 8: Continuing the Conversation
  • For Further Reading
  • Meet the Speakers

Intended for use in a variety of settings, including congregations, schools, and campus ministries, Faith & Science is appropriate for high school youth, young adults, and adults. Sessions can be presented as a series of studies or independent for a one-time formation offering.

Supplemental Faith and Science Audio & Video Resource Download

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